Gypsy - Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

The new Gypsy CD - Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow - is now available. The CD features the current lineup of Gypsy and contains 10 new tracks plus two bonus tracks that feature the late Enrico Rosenbaum.

Track List:

The Score
Right Now
Summer Days
Any Other Love
He Can Fly
Please Don't Call Me
So Long
Looking Back
Change of Seasons

Bonus Tracks

Killing Cure
Dance Marengo

Band Members:

James "Owl" Walsh - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Robert Jones - Lead Vocals and Bass
Randy Keeley - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Bill Davis - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Mark "Chico" Perez - Percussion
Jerry Archambault - Drums
Deone Johnson - Horns
Dick Jorgenson - Horns

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