The James Walsh Gypsy Band

Record Label: RCA 1978
Available on CD as of January 2002. This is available as a Japanese import only.

Personnel: Jame Walsh - vocals, keyboards, Richard Jorgensen - lead trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, vocals, Deone Johnson - trumpet, solo flugelhorn, vocals, Scott Fronsoe - bass, vocals, Todd Hansen - trombone, bass trombone, vocals, Jim Behringer - lead guitar, avitar, vocals, Bob Jones - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, Ernie LaViolette - drums, percussion

(NOTE: All songs are used with the permission of Gypsy.)


You Make Me Feel Like Livin' livin.mp3(847kb)
Love Is For The Best In Us
Bring Yourself Around
Don't Look Back
Cuz It's You Girl
Gray Tears
My Star
Whole Lotta Givin' To Do
Lookin Up I See

This was Gypsy's final album on RCA Records, released in 1978. James Walsh resurrected the Gypsy name for one last attempt in 1978 and he was the only original member in the band by this time. The original Gypsy sound was almost completely gone from this album. Looking at and comparing the personnel and the instruments played to previous albums, it is easy to see why. Many of the songs contained horn arrangements and sounded vaguely similar to the group Chicago. Two songs from this album - "You Make Me Feel Like Livin" and "Cuz It's You Girl" - received limited airplay.

This album is finally available on CD, but it is a Japanese import. Copies of the vinyl album are fairly difficult to find and usually are about $10.00.

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