Free Flight - Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-1969

CD Label: Dove/Get Hip Archive Series - 1997

1. Can I Be Kind15. Cheatin' On Me
2. Never See Her Again16. The Nazz Are Blue
3. Everybody'sFool17. Hey Joe
4. If You Want to Be My Baby18. Children of the Night
5. Can't You See19. He's In Love With Himself
6. Love To You20. I Just Don't Know
7. Don't You Lie To Me21. I Once Had A Dream
8. You're Lookin Good22. Look Over Yonder's Wall
9. Goin to The River23. Lotta Lovin
10. Fate of A Fool24. Flight Reaction
11. Wishes Don't Come True25. I'm A Living Sickness
12. Shot Thru The Grease26. Micro-Miniature Love
13. Very Last Day27. Kill The Enemy
14. Skokiaan

This CD features various groups from the Minnesota area that recorded at Dove Recording Studio between 1964-1969. All of the songs are unreleased or hard to obtain gems. Most of the songs are three minutes or less in duration.

The connection to Gypsy are the four unreleased tracks by The Underbeats which features Jim Johnson, James Walsh, and Enrico Rosenbaum. Enrico sings lead on two of the four songs which were recorded between 1965-1967. Many will recognize the song "Love to You" as the Willie Dixon song "I Just Want to Make Love to You" which was made popular by the group Foghat. "Don't You Lie to Me" is an old Chuck Berry song. The two other tracks "Fate of A Fool" and "Wishes Don't Come True" were written by Jim Johnson and Enrico Rosenbaum. These songs give an early preview to the music which later evolved into Gypsy.

There are a number of psychedelic influenced songs among the remaining tracks on the CD. Noteworthy songs include "Cheatin' On Me", "He's In Love With Himself", "I Just Don't Know", "Flight Reaction", I'm A Living Sickness", "Micro-Miniature Love", and "Kill The Enemy".

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