20 Years Ago

CD Label: Metro Records 1996
This CD is currently out of print.

Personnel: Gypsy is: Jame Walsh - keyboards, vocals;
David Challman - guitar, vocals;
Dan Dahl - lead guitar;
Bobby Jones - bass guitar, vocals;
Ken Chastain - drums, percussion;
Additional musicians: Pat Mackin; Max Ray; Chuck Hadro; Jack Lasota; Don Engebretson
Produced by: James Walsh and David Challman


Runnin In 'N' Out 4:47
Spare A Dime 3:53
Third Eye 4:36
Any Other Love 3:40
Reap What I Sow 4:05
Gypsy Queen 3:32
Twenty Years Ago Today 5:05
Devils Drivin' 4:25
World 3:07
Second Time Around 4:30

Gypsy released this CD in 1996 and James Walsh is the only original member. The majority of the songs appearing on the CD are new compositions.

James Walsh's voice sounds as good as ever. The sound of the group is similar to the original Gypsy sound, but updated. Don't worry, there isn't any rap or dance beat to the songs. Just the mellow rock sound that made the original Gypsy albums so popular years ago.

So, what's the meaning behind the CD's title - "20 Years Ago Today"? The liner notes say "We dedicate this album to all of our fans who have continued to support and listen to our music for the past twenty years." This was released in 1996 and the first Gypsy album was released in 1970 which means the group has been around for over 25 years. The only other significance is that the original Gypsy group split up around 1976.

There are two songs from Gypsy's first album - "Gypsy Queen" and "Third Eye" - which have been re-recorded for this new CD. "Gypsy Queen" starts off with the familiar "Warning...warning". It is very similar to the original version, however, the instrumental portion, originally known as "Gypsy Queen - Part 2", is not present. "Third Eye" sounds equally good. The other songs are all good, which makes it easy to listen to the CD straight through. The songs that are sung by James Walsh come closest to the original Gypsy sound.

The CD is on a small, independent label - Metro Records - which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It also says it was manufactured in Canada by GoldHouse. If you wanted a copy of this CD, you had to act fast. This CD only had a small number of copies pressed. Since there are a number of Gypsy fans out there, this sold out fast and has quickly become a collector's similar to their other albums.

So where can you find a copy? At this time, your best bet is to look around in used CD stores since it is currently out of print.

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